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SoCal Dive Babes!

A 501(c)(3) founded in Los Angeles, California, SCDB aims to reduce barriers for women and girls in the sports of Freediving and Spearfishing.

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Every month the SoCal Dive Babes get together for shore dives, island boat dives, educational talks, and potlucks to have fun, learn from one another, grow their dive network, and learn critical skills for safe diving.  Additionally, SoCal Dive Babes offers retreats around the world focusing on skill acquisition to build confidence and proficiency in and out of the water.

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What our ladies have to say about SCDB


Dana, Speara

Lauren, Speara

Thanks for all the advice ladies. This group is so bad ass

SoCal Dive Babes is a fun and safe place to meet other female divers and spearas, that share the same love for the ocean and sustainability in Southern California. The club offers a welcoming atmosphere for both new and seasoned divers, and educates its members on diving/spearing safety, gear, regulations, tips and more.


Emily, Speara

SoCal Dive Babes is truly a space for spearfishing mentorship and friendship.  Every dive I learn something new from amazing spearas!  It’s a special kind of beautiful to celebrate each other’s wins and hype each other up.


Missy, Speara

So much positive energy in this group! Thank you ladies