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About Us

We are southern California’s first collective of female Freedivers and Spearas dedicated to educating and celebrating women in these sports.  The collective focuses on mentoring new female Freedivers and Spearas to grow their skills safely and successfully, while providing experienced members a rich network of female dive buddies and dive related opportunities.


Through our regularly scheduled shore dives, island boat dives, international dive trips, and our daily WhatsApp group dialogue, we’ve built a tight-knit group of adventurous women who are learning, laughing, and honing their craft together.  


SoCal Dive Babes has removed the salty old ways of competing for the biggest fish and replaced it with community, camaraderie, and inspiration.  


Wanna see what’s it all about?  Check out our Instagram or Facebook page, join us at one of our events, or link up into our WhatsApp thread.  We’d love to meet you!

We offer mentorship under the water and friendship above the water!

What We Do

We dive, educate, hunt, spear, cook, mentor, support, travel, and clean up the oceans on a monthly basis.  We openly share information and resources in our women's only private WhatsApp thread and meet monthly for a party, raffle, and mentorship discussion forum.  To get involved, click the join button below, check our calendar for the next scheduled dive or event, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Who We Are

We are a passionate and active group of female Freedivers and Spearas throughout southern California that share an appetite for adventure and a love for the ocean.  As an all-levels collective, we are committed to supporting one another’s growth in this sport, preserving the coastline and the local waters, and passing on the stoke to younger generations.

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Meet Our Ladies

We are mothers, activists, conservationists, captains, photographers/videographers, chefs, thrill seekers, athletes, and mermaids enriching the community with positive actions and attitudes! Get to know some of our members by reading their stories on how they got into the sports.



SCDB Spearas & Freedivers







My name is Nichole, and I am a painter who lives in Redondo Beach. I come from a scuba background and love the freedom and challenge that spearfishing has to offer. I love seafood and my main reason for spearfishing is to spend as much time in the ocean and eat as much locally caught wild fish. as possible. Yum! I am thrilled to be a part of SoCal Dive Babes. I love the community and support all of what this group has to offer. See you in the water!

Hi Everyone my name is Emily, I live in Los Angeles/ San Gabriel Valley, and I am currently a Speara who wants to improve my freediving skills. I first started diving 3 years ago when I got FII certified, then I bought my first speargun at the beginning of 2020. My favorite local species to spear and eat is the Sculpin! Gotta be careful when hunting them because of the venomous spines, but a super delicious local fish. Lastly a little about my journey, I grew up scuba diving in Florida since I was a kid. When I moved to California, I knew I needed to be in the water but wanted to mix it up. Freediving and spearfishing is an entirely different experience and I love it! Nothing like spending a day in the water with friends and bringing home a delicious dinner.



Hi Everyone my name is Isabella, I live in San Diego and I am a Speara /Freediver/Scuba. Though I have just begun my journey into this amazing underwater world, I already know how much I have fallen in love with these sports. Thus far my favorite local species is hands down Lobster (lobster rolls are the best!).  I have always loved the ocean and enjoyed the videos scuba divers made from their underwater adventures. I eventually signed up for a scuba certification course. After my first session I decided I wanted to try free diving as well. From there, I saw Spearos in the water and loved the idea of fishing this way. It’s so beautiful underwater and this is a really fun way to get fresh food.

My background in environmental science, fishing, and firearms lent itself to a lifestyle of hunting and foraging for my food.  The sustainability and reduced impact on the environment that comes with hunting makes me feel like a part of the cycle of life.

I spent two years immersed in the island culture of Kauai, learning how to hunt with a Hawaiian sling and a speargun from a native couple. Living off of the ocean, bringing food to elders in the community, and cooking my catch with friends, while camping on the beach under the Milky Way, taught me all that I wanted out of life.

Now, I’ve found a new home with the SoCal Dive Babes where I get the honor of mentoring new divers, while improving my own skills as a Speara. This sport unites people and creates a familial sense of belonging. SCDB has done a great job in making me feel welcome and I’m proud to be a part of this collective.





I first started diving and spearing in 2016 after watching the documentary “Fish People” and was mesmerized by Kimi Werner, who would fly 100’ under water and spear fish to feed her family and friends. I signed up for a Freediving class the next week and shortly after that a Spearfishing class.  Since then I have fallen in love with both sports!  I love the ocean and fish is my favorite food, so it made sense for me to go all in and become a Speara!  My favorite local species to hunt is the elusive Yellowtail.  My static breath hold is 3 min 50 sec., with a dynamic breath hold of 1 min 30 sec,, and my max depth to date is 77 ft. My greatest  catch so far has been my 19lbs Dorado. 

I’ve always somehow been involved with the ocean being that I’ve been swimming my whole life. About 6 years ago I picked up Freediving and traveled all over to explore new waters. Around the same time I also began fishing and loved the idea of being able to sustain myself in some form. Spending long hours on boats staring at the ocean I realized I could actually be in the water spearing my own fish! In 2019 I decided to combine my 2 favorite hobbies and picked up spearfishing. I currently travel down to Baja constantly to spend time fishing and especially spearfishing, making it my favorite place to spearfish surrounded my grouper and memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life,

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