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Past Events

December 12th

"Twerk the Halls"

Vista, CA

Holiday potluck get together

November 20th


Templeton, CA

Holiday potluck get together

October 23rd

"Taco Night"

Encitas, CA

Bring your fish for a night of

fish tacos and margaritas

September 10th-14th 

"Spearfishing Trip"

La Paz, & Cabo, BCS, MX

Spear Trip w/

Baja Azul & Spearfishing Baja

August 20th-30th

"Cenote Depth Training"

Playa Del Carmen, MX

Cenotes & Whale Sharks w/ Pranamaya

June 26th

"Beach Party"

San Diego, CA

Beach games & potluck

June 5th-6th

"Girls' Weekend"

Central Coast, CA

Saturday shore dive  

Sunday wine tasting at Tin City

May 13th-16th

"Wicked Mermaid Tournament"

Hosted by Cangrejo's Sportfishing 

Baja, MX

The first all-women's spearfishing

tournament in Mexico!

April 27th-May 2nd 

"Freedive Retreat"

Hosted by Pranamaya

Play Del Carmen, MX

Cenotes of Tulum and surrounding areas.  Improve your Freediving techniques and reach new depths!

Photography by Caroline White.

April 19th

"Filet Like a Master"

 Los Angeles, CA


Chef Waller -- Filet/prep your fish to optimize yield

March 6TH 

"Back to Basics" 

Palos Verdes, CA


Ben Green -- Spearfishing 101


February 28th

"Winter Brunch"

San Clemente, CA


DFG -- Rules, regulations, & weather apps


January 16th 

"Sparkle Party" 

San Clemente, CA 


Julie Riffe -- Self-Reliant Gun Ownership

Brandon Zeek -- Dive Safety


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