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SoCal Dive Babes Conservation & Sustainability 

SCDB works in programs that aim to conserve and advance the health of California's marine ecosystem. We center on preserving habitats, minimizing human-wildlife impact, and reducing pollution.  The Dive Babes connect with advocates, fishers, researchers, students, small-business owners, and government officials who are also driven to protect the environment and conserve our natural resources for future generations! 

Additionally, we are dedicated to creating educational and professional resources equally for women who are underrepresented in the STEM and diving communities. Our Conservation and Sustainability Committee are experienced in marine and environmental sciences, outreach education, scientific diving, data analysis, and scientific writing.  As of 2021, 38% of our membership base are women of color!  We are excited to contribute to that percentage rising!

Our Programs

MPA Patrol

SCDB members participate in citizen science research for the Marine Protected Area Watch with Orange County Coastkeeper and Aliso Berm Buddies with Laguna Bluebelt–programs that monitor enforcement of marine protected areas (MPAs) regulated by the state of California. Check out more information about MPAs here at

Dive Babes interested in conservation gain experience in field methods, outreach education, wildlife identification, MPA regulations, and collaboration with scientists and other NGOs! 

The goals of the programs are to increase observation, reporting, and community education, inform decision-making by public agencies, protect the natural environment, and increase visitor safety. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Complete mandatory 2-hour training including practice field survey

  • Observe and record wildlife and anthropogenic use within MPAs

  • Identify marine mammals, birds, vessels, fishing, and beach activities

  • Enter data into database including photos 

  • Contact CALTIP (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) about potential MPA violations such as illegal fishing activities, collection of biota, and wildlife and habitat disturbance

Beach Cleanups

Our Dive Babes also conduct beach cleanups for community outreach. Supplies are provided including reusable bags, gloves, and sunscreen! We include educational materials about marine debris and zero-plastic alternatives to increase awareness about pollution. 

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Kelp Restoration Coming Soon!

Get Involved

If you are interested in our Dive Babe Conservation Programs, please send your questions and/or resume to our Director of Conservation and Sustainability below! Entry-level experience is welcome. If you seek assistance in related research/projects or group/company events feel free to reach out! 


Allison Santos

SoCal Dive Babes 

Director of Conservation and Sustainability

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