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Wicked Mermaid Tournament

Baja, Mexico  *   May 13-16, 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 Wicked Mermaid participants on a fantastic job with slaying fish in challenging conditions!  All of you crushed it!  We are excited for 2022, which promises to be even more wicked!

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Sponsored by: Cangrejo’s Sportfishing & SoCal Dive Babes


Prizes by: Zen Mar Offshore, Dragon Fish Cruises, Blue Tuna, JandJ, Surf Fur, The Freedive Girls, Dudley Market, Green Line Crafting, Neritic. Focus Freedive, and more!

Single Winner Categories:

  • Biggest Fish

  • Biggest Fish for a Noob

  • Most Sustainable Fish Shot

  • Most Variety of Fish

  • Best shot placement 

Team Winner Categories: The team with the greatest sum total of fish weight from each member's top two fish from each dive day. 

Focus Freedive Honorary Diver 


Patience and tactics are paramount for hunting fish.  In order to encourage these strategies, Focus Freedive will put two private sessions on the line for the honorary diver. These two private sessions can be done in person or remotely.  Fii instructor Brandon Zeek will work with you on technique and breath-hold training, as well as answer any questions you have about hunting, gear, or anything dive-related.



  • Must hunt fish with a device capable of recording depth and bottom time of each individual dive.

  • When the day of diving is over you may scroll through your dive history to submit one dive for points to a designated official.  *must be submitted the day it happened*

  • Any official may choose to disqualify your submission should they witness, or through thorough investigation discover, unsafe diving practices.  


Key elements for safety include:

  1. Diving one up one down

  2. Appropriately weighted for the depths you are diving

  3. Adequate communication with buddy.  

Points evaluation:
2 points per second of total dive time
1 point per foot of max depth
Bonus: 2 points per foot of depth after 50’ 

Fish Rules:

  • No chumming

  • You must load your own speargun

  • Fish must be shot and retrieved on a breath-hold to count in the tournament

  • (For safety purposes, if you feel that you can not safely retrieve your fish on a breath-hold, you may retrieve the fish with a scuba tank or spare air, but it will not count in the tournament.)

  • Fish must be weighed in at the filet station with a certified scale and a witness (makes sure you or your buddy has a scale).

  • No boat or captain assistance on retrieval of fish is permitted.

  • Your dive buddy or teammates can assist with fish retrieval as long as they are on a breath-hold.

  • No participant may receive assistance with any fish from the boat crew until she has one hand on the boat. 


All Mexican fishing regulations apply:



  • Are NOT transferable 

  • No refunds will be given

  • You must check-in by 5p on May 13th at Cangrejo’s Sportfishing in Bay of Los Angeles, Baja, Mexico

  • Check out is 11a on May 16th

  • Mandatory dinner attendance on 5/13 where we will pair up dive buddies and dive teams.  You may select your dive buddy prior to the trip.  Dive buddy pairs will be randomly selected at dinner to make up the boat teams.

Tournament Harvest Times:

This tournament is a two-day tournament. Harvest may begin as early as 6:00a and all fish must be weighed in by 5:00p.  No eligible species may be harvested prior to Friday 6:00a (the day of the tournament) and may not be in the possession of the participant (on the boat, cooler, or any other location where the participant is or has been before the tournament). Fish must be presented in a manner that is consistent with a fish harvested on the same day of the tournament. Fish must be brained, bled out, well iced, and suitable for human consumption. There are no boundaries for this tournament except those imposed by Cangrejo’s.


Methods of Harvest: 

This is strictly a spearfishing tournament. Mexican law forbids spearfishing on scuba tanks.  Only fish shall be taken.  No lobsters, clams, octopus, abalone, oysters, shrimp, etc.



A tournament participant can be disqualified from all aspects of this tournament and from any future SoCal Dive Babes Tournaments for any of the following: 


1) Infraction of tournament rules. 

2) Rough play, unsafe or careless behavior that puts the lives of fellow Spearas, boat crew, Cangrejo’s owners, photographers, or animals in jeopardy

3) Unsportsmanlike conduct during any of the tournament activities.

4) Violating Mexican fishing laws.

5) Failure to abide by the final decision of the Tournament Rules Committee.

6) Failure to comply with any protest investigation 

7) Immediate disqualification will be in effect if any participant is uncooperative with an investigation of potential rules violations. This may include but not limited to, at request of the tournament rules committee, submitting to a polygraph test, the presentation of dive computer data, and/or GPS route information from the tournament day and prior days. 

8) SoCal Dives Babes and Cangrejo’s reserves the right to exclude any individual from any aspect of the Wicked Mermaid tournament and/or reject the registration from any individual whom the SCDB or Cangrejo’s considers a liability, safety hazard, or distraction. 


*All Rules are subject to change last minute.

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