Wicked Mermaid Tournament

Hosted every odd year, the Wicked Mermaid Tournament is an international tournament aimed at bringing Spearas from across the globe together for two and a half days of shooting fish, having fun, building friendships, and winning sweet prizes!

Click on past tournaments for photos of previous events!


Dive Babe of the Year

Hosted every even year, the Dive Babe of the Year Tournament takes place within the bounds of California waters

and is open to members of SCDB only.  The goal of this tournament is to reward the well-rounded Speara who can demonstrate her ability to hunt sustainably and provide food for herself, care for the ocean habitat,

and contribute to her community.

There will be four categories for entry and only four winners:

Pro Speara, Recreational Speara, Noob Speara, Junior Speara.


Contestants will be judged in 5 areas:

Pelagic Fish, Reef Fish, Foraging, Conservation, Mentorship

There will be an additional Catch & Cook held during the summer with local chefs 

The first tournament launches January 15th, 2022

and ends December 15th, 2022. 

Rules, registration, and prize info goes live in fall 2021.